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About The Mortgage Specialists

The Mortgage Specialists is an industry-leading mortgage brokerage firm in Idaho with one goal in mind: to get you the best mortgage possible.

From beginning to end, our team of highly qualified mortgage brokers will simplify the process for you. We have established connections with several noteworthy lenders in the country, and we work hard to uncover the mortgage rates you want. You can rely on us to guide you towards maximum financing with the lowest interest rates.

For more information or to book a consultation, get in touch with us now at (208) 233-7678.

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A Full-Service Mortgage Brokerage Firm

Our mortgage specialists understand that everyone’s financial situations are unique. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or you are looking to refinance your existing mortgage, The Mortgage Specialists’s mortgage brokers have you covered.

Our team invites you to use the mortgage calculator tool or to get in contact with us to pre-determine your maximum loan eligibility.

Consult with a Certified Mortgage Agent

We offer a full range of mortgage options with varying terms and rates that cater to all. Considering your financial standing, we can help you get started on the real work. We’ll make sure your credit score is in order so that you can get pre-approved. Plus, we’ll ensure that you qualify for the property you’d like, in terms of the payment you’re willing to put down.

The Best Mortgage Brokers in the Country

All our mortgage brokers are fully licensed and certified with many years of experience in the Canadian market. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost satisfaction when it comes to buying a property, and we guarantee the highest standard of quality service throughout the process.

Work with Informed Mortgage Brokers

As trusted mortgage brokers, we receive advanced notice about increasing interest rates, and we can guide you in making the most informed decision when it comes to your property purchase. Depending on the lender, we can lock-in your pre-approved interest rate for a period up to 120 days. Should the rate decrease in this time, you’ll receive the lower rate.

The Mortgage Specialists's Business Card

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Give yourself the best chance of finding an outstanding mortgage. Our commitment to our clients is uncontested, and we hope to help you on your journey of being a property owner.

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